Snow Style

Winter is often filled with cloudy skies, dark, gloomy days, and cold winds and weather. To me, one of the only truly great moments in this freezing season is when it snows. Although it can cause a lot of hazardous conditions, when you’re being safe, it’s also one of the most beautiful times of the year. And even though I really don’t like the cold, snow almost makes it worth the shivering. Seriously, it’s so gorgeous.

So when the weather is crazy and the world is frozen, it’s always fun to get fashionable. Sometimes it can seem useless to get all dressed up when you’re just going to have to hide your carefully pieced together outfit under a puffy coat and all the accessories that weigh a ton but keep you warm. However, since it’s proven that when you look good, you feel good, I wanted to share some winter style to keep you inspired to keep feeling your absolute best!

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Ideas for a Snow Day as an Adult

Growing up the most magical part of winter, for me, was always snow days. I remember waking up early to watch the news with my older brother, hoping with all our little hearts that school would be canceled. And I remember how excited we’d be as we watched it crawl across the bottom of the screen. It was the only time our parents would let us bounce on the couch and we’d take one good hop and be off to plan our day of fun fill snow adventures. Back then, staying indoors wasn’t an option.

Now that I’m older, sometimes I get so caught up in “adulting” that I can forget to appreciate the wonder of winter and the spell snow can have. As a teacher, while I do get snow days where I don’t have to go to work, they’re usually filled with grading a lesson planning, which, while important, can sometimes make winter continue to drag on and on and become less and less exciting. I know this happens to lots of people, so today I wanted to share with you some of my plans to have some adult snow day fun this year!

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Travel Bucket List

If there’s one regret I have from the past twenty something years, it’s definitely not travelling more. I’ve traveled a bit in the United States, which I’m beyond grateful for, but I wish I did more travelling around the world in college and when I was a bit younger and had a bit more time.

Luckily, I’m still young and don’t plan on slowing down until I absolutely have to. In my eyes, I have an entire lifetime to plan out all the things I want to do. It’s very important to me that I fill my life with amazing experiences and wonderful memories rather than lots of material things, so, to me, travel is one of those things that can help me fulfill my goals. So today, I wanted to share with you guys my travel bucket list and then discuss your travel bucket lists and the places you guys have been to as well!

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The Happiness Challenge

Have you guys ever heard of the happiness challenge? This is something I came across recently and wanted to give it a try this year. Not only is it a way to focus on positivity, but it’s also great for reflection.

This year I’ve decided it is something I want to give a try because I feel like sometimes I can get too caught up in stresses and struggles and a lot of times they end up overshadowing those brilliant moments that should be the highlights in my life. If you’ve never heard of it, stick around and I’ll explain it. If you have heard of it, join me in creating a memory box for your happiest memories of the year. Here’s how it works.

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Perfect Peanut Butter Crisscross Cookies

Peanut butter and cookies! Two of my favorite things combined? Sign me up! Okay, I know I said one of my resolutions this year was to eat healthier, but it’s still baking season in my house, so I’m not ready to give up the warmth and deliciousness just yet. Give me until March to get on board with all the healthy recipes, please. Besides, the number one rule of dieting is to not say no, just limit the portions.

Those are just a few of the reasons I want to share my favorite peanut butter cookie recipe with you all. My other reasons include spreading some cheer and giving you guys a beautiful, wonderful, tasty treat to try. Plus, I’m making a batch for my coworkers and this was the perfect excuse to write about these delicious desserts. So check out my go-to recipe.

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My Top Ten Favorite Books

Being a high school English teacher, you knew this post had to be coming eventually. I’ve read so many books and there are so many ones I’ve been blessed to be exposed to and it’s always my goal to expose my students to as many of my favorites as possible to hopefully foster a love or reading and literature in their own lives.

As part of my New Year’s Resolution, I’m looking forward to doing some more reading and while I was making my list for the year, I came across a few I wanted to reread. That’s what inspired me to make this post of my ten favorite books and share with you guys! Hopefully it might help you find something to your own reading list or if you’ve read them, maybe we can discuss out opinions. And, of course, I’d love to hear what suggestion y’all have as well, so be sure to leave those in the comments below. Let’s get started.

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10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Started Running

My running career started in junior high, but I didn’t get serious about distance running until college. In junior high and high school, running was something I did for sport, but it was just a small part of my day. Then, I got out of it for a few years and when I started back up, it was a totally different experience for me. If I could go back and tell my nineteen-year-old self what I was getting into, I’d have so much to tell that girl who thought runningĀ  marathon was an impossibility she was determined to make a reality.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve changed in the last few years (it’s all that New Year’s Resolution talk we’ve been doing) and I thought it would be interesting to take a moment to record these thoughts and this reflection I’ve been doing. Plus, this blog has been amazing way to share these feelings with others and hear their own stories and experiences, which has been an incredible joy, so today, I wanted to share with you guys 10 things I wish I’d know before I started running.

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