Zippy Zucchini Bread

Guess who still has a ton of leftover zucchini from her garden? Yeah, that would be me. And since where we’re in the midst of baking season, of course I had to make some more zucchini bread.

Last time, I went for chocolate, which is absolutely delicious, but this time around, I just wanted basic zucchini bread. I haven’t had a lot of good, sweet bread since my last batch and I was craving some. Since I was enjoying it so much, I wanted to share the recipe with you all as well.

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*The Green Mile- Book Review

It should come as no surprise, since I’m such an October lover, that I love Gothic Literature. Specifically, I love Southern Gothic literature. To Kill a Mockingbird, a Southern Gothic Classic and probably one of the most popular Southern Gothic texts, is in my top five favorite books of all time. Another book that makes the list is the one I wanted to share a review of with you guys today: The Green Mile by Stephen King.

This text is one that takes all my favorite parts about KIng’s dark, cynical style and combines it with a heart wrenching story that is not only tear jerking but also thought provoking.

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Running Safety Tips

October is the perfect month for lots of reasons, one of them being it’s fantastic running weather. It’s not so hot that you’re panting and sweating up a hurricane and it’s not so cold that you have to wear bulky clothes and risk wind burn. Everything is just right, which is exactly why I always try to get as many miles as possible in before it gets too cold and uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, all those miles can be dangerous and increase the risk of injury. They can also increase the likelihood of finding yourself in other dangerous situations. October is a month of fright and terror, but I hate for anyone to find themselves facing horror when they’re supposed to be celebrating hard work and strength. That’s why today, I wanted to share my favorite running tips with others to make sure everyone makes it home happy and healthy.

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My Biggest Fears (and How I Handle Them)


October is my favorite month and not just because of all the pretty leaves and the great excuses to wear boots. I also really enjoy the entire creepy persona that it takes in simply because it’s the month of Halloween. I blame the fact that I was born in October for my fascination with fear and discomfort. I also blame it for my infatuation with oddities and spooks.

Today, I wanted to celebrate the October theme with a bit of a positive twist by talking about my biggest fears and what I do to manage them. I wanted to do this, because not only is it a great way to help me reflect but I thought it would also be beneficial to be honest and supporting if others who might have these same fears. Perhaps someone here has even conquered them!

My fears are pretty common and I spend a lot of time making sure they aren’t affecting my life in a way that causes me to miss the beauty of existing.

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Bodacious Banana Bread


If I could bake all day, I’d be the brightest ray of sunshine. I’d probably also weigh about as much as the sun, so it’s probably a good thing I can’t just stay home all day and make sweets! I’m a carb girl through and through, so it probably comes as no surprise that when I can mix up some sweet bread, I’m a happy little camper. It’s even better when that bread has some fruits or vegetables in it, because that way I can pretend it’s totally healthy!

Today I thought I’d share yet another one of my mama’s recipes that I grew up munching on, because they’re so yummy and they bring up a lot of great memories for me. Banana bread is something my mom would make on special occasions and we wouldn’t stop until the entire pan was gone. There was a time when bananas were super cheap, so she’d make several loafs and we’d have them devoured in just a handful of days. Our family has never let banana bread go to waste.

She has several different recipes, but I just wanted to share her basic, no frills one today, because that’s what I had most recently and it was a delight. Other variations include cream cheese and chocolate chips, but eating this the other day, I realized there was so much beauty in it’s simplicity. It really let the banana flavor shine, so that’s what I wanted to celebrate!

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Study Tips Guaranteed to Help You Ace Exams


Testing season is synonymous with anxiety and pressure. Stress piles up and can make you a hot mess. In high school, I never had to study. I was one of those very, very lucky kids who had a great memory and a knack for taking exams. So, I never learned to study then and it was something I really wish I’d learned and practiced, because by the time I got to college, I was totally lost. It took me my entire college career to find tips and tricks that sincerely worked for me.

Seeing the fear in my students is something that drives me crazy as a teacher, because I hate seeing them struggle and lose all their confidence. That’s why I decided to start writing down these study tips for them and I thought it would be a fun idea to share those with you.

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Tips and Tricks to Handle Stress

Midterms are knocking at the door, folks. Can you believe it? It seems to me like this semester just started, yet somehow it still seems like it’s been horribly long. Anyone else have that issue?

Anyway, with the pressure that is always put on midterms, I know a lot of students are out there freaking out and I hate that for you guys. I know my kiddos are terrified of them, because they’re such a big grade. It seems unfair that usually, half of your grade is based on one single test, but that’s the way a lot of teachers set up their grade book. Whether it be personal choice or administrative decision, it’s still a huge stressor for tons of people. That’s why I wanted to try to get ahead of the game and maybe try to offer some tips and tricks to help you out.

So whether you’re a student or just an overworked person who needs to relax a little, here are some quick, simple ways to destress.

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